Your new digital campaign
is live in just a few clicks

promoCito is a SaaS solution for the creation, operation
and fulfillment of interactive marketing content. The
platform consists of a modular system, facilitating
the handling of digital marketing campaigns, using
the drag & drop feature.

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Your new digital campaign
is live in just a few clicks
Your new digital campaign
is live in just a few clicks Your new digital campaign
is live in just a few clicks

Four steps from concept to qualified consumer data

Select and create

To start, select one of the numerous templates available or create a new interactive content “from scratch”. With the form designer of promoCito you can easily implement your ideas using drag & drop. Programming knowledge is not required.

Activate and publish

The look and feel of your interactive content can be easily customised using the appropriate stylesheets, that can be created through the visual designer. Publish the created promo on your website (CMS) in a click. The integration is very simple and includes a line of Javascript code – (promoCito does not use the outdated I-FRAME technology).

Customer interaction and fulfillment

Your customer data will be processed and handle under GDPR guidelines. promoCito also offers integrated processing of your digital campaigns. The fulfillment module can be used for handling of participation follow-on actions. The AI-based OCR technology is used for automatic validation of uploaded receipts. Pay-out to customer is possible via bank transfer (cashback action), and prizes are dispatched by promoCito.

Exploit the potential of data

Data can be exported from promoCito at any time (“real-time reporting”). A CSV download or an access using the REST API can be used. The so collected data can be transferred and consolidated within the legacy customer data management system of the brand (e.g. CRM system) as needed.

Target groups

Marketing Manager

  • can be inspired by promoCito for new interactive contents.
  • can implement new ideas quickly and easily with drag & drop.
  • No programming skills required.
  • accelerates the implementation of campaigns and
  • Saves time and money using the modular system.

Digital Product Owner

  • runs digital campaigns (end-2-end promos) for the business.
  • receives standardised interactive web contents that comply by design with the data protection and security requirements.
  • Saves resources, time and money by outsourcing the content management to the promoCito platform.

Marketing agency

  • can create new digital campaigns for his customers with promoCito.
  • accelerates the implementation of campaigns with promoCito and thus saves time and money.

Key features of promoCito

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