Cashback Promotion


The cashback action is a promising mechanic through which the marketing manager can maximise reach and visibility of its brand and thus activate end-consumers. End-consumers can participate using a valid, scanned, or photographed receipts and are reimbursed a part of the purchase price of the promo item. The validity of participation depends on various parameters that the Marketing Manager can flexibly set, such as purchase date, purchase price, promotion items, etc.

Core items

  • Every consumer who has bought the promotional product can participate.
  • Consumer does not need an account (no registration required).
  • Automatic processing with AI-based evaluation of the submitted receipts (the manual processing is extremely reduced)
  • Direct payout to the bank account or PayPal account of the consumer is possible.
  • Communication with the consumer.


Example 1

  • Terms and conditions (this is an example)

  • 30 Euro Cents cashback when you have purchased Oranges.
  • Your receipt is valid for participation only if the term “orange” is clearly stated and highlighted as ” fruit and vegetables”.
  • The purchase price should be higher than the cashback.
  • Valid only for purchase in Germany and starting from 22.11.2021.
  • Subject to availability


redeemable per person: 1x
€ 0,30Cashback

1. Purchase of promo item

2. Scan your receipt

3. Upload the scanned receipt

4. Cash back to your account

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